Changing Seasons

Four quarters that make a whole,
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
The beginning, middle, and end.
Neither of them a winner.

Blossoming flowers and blistering heat,
Bringing life and sweet things to eat.
Falling leaves and freezing feet,
Nipping air and blanketed streets.

Spring, the season of life and beauty.
Mother Nature’s starting point.
The beginning after the end,
And death’s disappoint.

Summer, the birthplace of happiness.
Thriving with smiles and laughter.
Splashing with joy and sunshine,
Nothing but Winter’s attacker.

Fall, the crisp colored world.
Teaching us the beauty of change.
Harvested colors and spooky beginnings,
Sparking the start of a cold exchange.

Winter, the dark and light season.
The looming clouds and bitter snow.
The start of warm fires and shining lights,
An intense end to a beautiful show.

Beautiful new beginnings,
Warm sunny days.
Crisp air and true colors,
Ending in a white haze.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem because I was inspired by Mother Nature to write about her beauty. I have always had a fascination with the four seasons, so I just started writing. This poem talks about Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. And what beautiful things they have to offer us.