When ahold of chaos , One must begin to ponder whether a fight shall be a necessity in this ridicule of madness , Where thy had sworn to provoke the absence of peace “ let the madness dissipate into oblivion ’’ , A humble yet very so doubtful mind played this card of death , why so the gods whom all wise and great could not decipher this shadow of hate , “ you have defied my god you filthy In breed forever may you and your lover shall burn in hell for the sake of goodness ’’, “why so hateful why have you seized to acknowledge that I am human , nor god shall hope death hate upon us , you yourself wish me to say I am in the wrong I am not madam I was born this way not any book could dictate my life happiness , You are the mistress of religion whom swore to protect every part of hate , you might so even be an illusion come to life “ you are mistaken I am nothing more than a aspect of reality

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