Chaos in Love

By ysf   

Though it has no figure,
It demands to be seen.
I am blind in my eyes,
And still this I see.

In a world so black and white,
I always find the answers in the shades of grey.
Like the blues and purples,
and the reds and pinks are hidden in the shift of shades.
This is what feelings are.
Colors vibrating their way through the labyrinths of life.
In them we find love,
and in them we find loss.
We scream euphoria in the rainbows,
And we cry our galloping pains in the minutes they fade.

All we are,
are the energies of color we give and we take.
I’m standing in our room, and I’m shooting you rainbows over the ledge of an empty bed.
With your cloud, nowhere in sight to hold,
I know,
What once was grey,
is now black and white.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this on the train going home. It's a mess of feelings that just poured out of me.