Chaotic life

Like a sun, she consumed her own fire
She shone from within and made everyone deliver
She cared about nothing
Coz nothing could destroy her.
Nothing can make her weak
Nor when she used to be sick

But like everyone, her life got mixed
She tried everything to make it fixed
Her friends helped to her to make it free
But she decided not to be relied.

Nobody knew the reason behind her sad face
No one liked the way she use to come with any case .
She tried to make everyone happier
But her help was getting dimmer and dimmer.

She loses her charm and failed to express it
Who knows that she used to get warm easily
She cried but made noone aware
She lied coz she didn't care.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a girl who used to be very happy and always try to make people crazy. But some thing striked her and she couldn't get up. Her life got mess but she got up afterwards.