Chapped Lips and Crushed Potato

Grains could never be fine enough as the broken crystal, Changed me,
Had it changed me any further,
I'd be a dried raisin in the sun,
The sun we all worship and curse,
"The Sun of my Troubles,"
Had it left me anymore unfinished,
Maybe I'd be the replenished fruit,
The one you adore oh so much,
The one that gives you that ' head over heels' love
Yeah... Maybe,

But I knew I would never be what you wanted,
I longed to tell you the feelings were mutual,
Sometimes it's just best not to say anything,
So I keep my lips enclosed,
Behind a tomb of sorrow and adoration for the unknown,
This is why they ache,
God knows the bitter words I meant to say dries them out,
And when shut behind a gate of misery, I sit...
And embrace the shattered piece of potato glass,
And then another,
Then I think to myself...
How good the salt must taste on my lips,
If I could only taste it,
And I never could...

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