Chapter 1

(Horror genre, mild cursing)
You'll Love it.

"Chapter 1."
By:Sarah Manuel

This is just my point of view
as I recall that grusom day.
At first we thought it was the drugs
but found it quick that it was real.
I was at work
and on my break
and half way through my cigarette.
As I looked down to check the time,
Out of the corner of my eye
To my right,
I saw a guy
Running for his f**kin life
Screamed like he was gonna die
And searching for a place to hide
I thought that he had lost his mind
I should've seen it as a sign
To turn around, get back inside and warn the rest, we have to hide.
But silly me
I don't know why
I had to look,
I could've died!

What was on the other side?

I balled my fists and took a step
scared to death of what comes next
And as I crept along the wall to find out what was going on...
I heard another's car alarm

...And then I turned the corner...

What i saw was just right there
Sprinting in a Wild rage
Screaming through a broken jaw knocking over Everything...
And I could see where he was bit!
They took a chunk out of his neck!
There's no way he could've lived
His head was hanging by a thread
The injury was to the bone
Don't need a degree to know
It was Insane
It was Deranged
and it was catching up so fast that it could just reach out and GRAB
that man just never stood a chance
And then I looked upon its back
It seemed something was attached
Pushing up so it could hatch
Stretch it's limbs for its attack
I saw it move, I saw it's hand
Just crawling underneath it's skin.
I stood heavy like a brick
I tried to breath, I felt so sick.
What had brought the world to this?
I'm mortified...

They don't need a host to multiply?...

Remember when we used to joke?
The funny shit that we would post
About the idem to our right
If ever someone was exposed
Remember when it was a joke?
The Rising of the Decomposed?
Of all the times I had the chance,
Of all the times I had the cash,
I had to buy the clothes and shoes
and dye my hair, there's no excuse
Of all the things that I had done
I could've bought a fuckin Gun!!!
Instead, I bought these stupid heels,
It's so unfair!
It's so unreal
so This is where it all begins? #shoesyoucantrunin?

All of a sudden
I was burdened with dread,
she crept up behind me,
I knew she was dead.
My head slowly turned
and heartbeat was racing,
my blood flow increased
and I knew she could taste me!
The first thing I saw was the tint in her eyes, Almost Like she had been sick for a while?
Her steps were off,
the oder was vile.
She looked up right at me
With half of a smile
I had a second to think,
half a second to act
so I took if a heel
and struck her with that.
She flew forward with all that she had.
I tried to beat. her. fucking. ass!
She wouldn't stop, she couldn't quit
So I began to lose my sh*t
And look for ways to kill this B*tch

It just had to be today?
It couldn't wait a hundred years?
So I could live my life and die?
Disintegrate and disappear?
Again I say I wanna die!
But this time, I don't mean for real!!
AND RUTHLESSLY BEGAN TO POUND to once again be safe and sound and try to find a weapon...

I KNOCKED her till her eyes were hazed
And watched her head begin to sway
I took that rock right to her face!
Won't stop until i see her brains
Enough for me to get away
They use their dead weight as a tool
To hold you down
To tire you
They know that you will fight
and try to stay alive, to testify
But Just as I had lost all hope
Her body had began to slope
I pushed her off, jumped up and ran
No time to scream, no time to think
And just as I was gaining speed
I heard her catching up to me
So rapidly, I panicked so
I didn't stand a chance in hell
If I was gonna survive today
I had to make another way
I took the sudden sharpest right
That I hardly missed her bite
She snatched my arm,
I decked her face
And ended that
Right in its place

I flew and jumped on top of a car.
she grabbed my leg and dragged me down and then she held me to the ground.
I HAD to fight to save my Life!!!
{She "HAD to eat to stay Alive!!!!!"}
so afraid,
I couldn't move
didn't quite know what to do
If I could just get back inside
The lesser chance that i could die
I'd lock the doors and lose my mind
I pushed her off with all my might
Moved quick to keep from getting bit
What happened next, I CANT forget

Her body fell forward and started to shake,
then started to break.
Just crack like an egg.
I started to run,
as fast as I could
from what was to come
and enter the world
I made it inside
Pushed over the vender
booked it upstairs to all my co-workers
I tried to tell them, "The Dead are Walking and Running and Hunting and Shaking and Breaking!!
To look out the window so they would believe me!"

...So to the window, they ran...

. It didn't take long to prove them wrong, that I am not the crazy one.
I begged them all to seal the doors
and closed the blinds and arm themselves
Get on the phone and call for help
Anything to stop this hell
Then I joined them to the scene
Where we looked down on everything
The first zombie that I sought
was the one that I fought
Still alive and dragging on
Yearning for a single bite
That woman's back had cracked in half
And from her was a bloody trail
of tiny footprints leading off
Across the street and up the pole
It sat there like a baby troll
just looking down upon it all,
It balanced well, began to crawl
Across the stop light to sit and watch
And wait for traffic like a Dog.
It stood so still, so patiently
It didn't breath, it didn't blink
It didn't make a single sound
Until a car had pulled around
Speeding to get out of town
It's eyes grew big,
mouth opened wide
It jumped right on
and climbed inside
And then they took alittle ride
It wasn't long before they screamed and fought and crashed and bled away
That thing just tore their face right off
And had a meal, so tenderly
It was so sick, just so much blood
But it couldn't get enough

We're done!

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