the details are everything.

is your toilet paper dominant or submissive?
does your eyeliner scream high maintenance or easy-going?

your posture and gait reflect your mind -
shoulders back, slow and gentle; happy and thoughtful
shoulders inward, mousey [walk]; self-conscious and afraid

is your bookshelf a testament to your imagination
or a treasure of your adventures?

do your pillows smell like target
or do they hold the fragrance of life?

are eggs plastered on your toast or arranged as a smile?

is your fridge a recipe for your goals, or a road map of pitfalls?

do you look people in the eye
validating their choice to spend their time with you?

or do you avoid their gaze and pretend that your troubles
[facebook, instagram] are more important than another human being?

manicure your details
define your character

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