The sunlight was shining off his curly brown hair.
In this light it looked like gold was woven through it.
His skin was bronzed by the time he had spent in the sun that summer.
The smell of his skin was still new to her.
It smelled of the sweet grass growing freely.
It had a warmth to it and it reminded her of home.
Those eyes looked like a million different shades-
All of them rolled into a warm golden brown.
As she looked into them deeply she was reminded.
She thought of all the amazing times that they had shared.
"Don't go."
His voice was deep dripping with passionate wholeheartedness.
The summer had been a bit of a whirlwind-
A brisk three months of lively times and interesting people.
Cicadas were the background of my summer spent at the salty coast.
My heart felt as if it were made of stone when I hugged him bye.
I had a flashback of the best memories:
Sore feet in sandals walking down the old streets,
The heavily air conditioned buildings,
Days spent in the park laid out on a blanket, hand in hand,
Running in the rain and laughing,
Deciding to dance and kiss as it poured down over us.
I will remember these days forever-
The salty air blowing my hair all over the place,
The warm humid air dancing across my skin.

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