Charon is my Ferryman

Sing a song of flowers that are growing by the stream,
“Merrily!” the meadow sings, “for life is but a dream.”
Drape a garland on the oar that rows the night til’ dawn,
And watch the fabled stern dissolve, and fade until it’s gone.

I wonder where the mast should point and where the compass shows,
And feel a yearning building fast to mount the boat and go.
The silent rower must return, unfailing, every night-
I plan a journey soft and long from dusk til’ morning light.

And mounting on the watercraft I ready for a leave
Behind me, friends and family all gather round and grieve.
I turn towards my messenger, who never looks my way,
I smile gently at the cloak that paddles dark to day.

Well, Charon is my ferryman, upon the Styx we sail,
I leave my body far behind, my soul keeps on the trail.

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Key Words : Styx, stream, boat, flower

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This Poems Story

This poem is a story of death. The river Styx is the river crossed by the dead ancient Greeks in their myths, and Charon is the ferryman. I use the mythology to symbolize death and make it poetic.