Charted routes don\'t lead anywhere

The swells rushing
Crashing the body
She takes her final blow
A ship against the shores
The jagged rocks penetrate through to the hull
And the water fills
Suffocation sets in
Swallowed by the sea
Darkness flows around
And the cold
Well the cold stuns the senses
Like the belly
You're hollowed out
The cargo once carried for him
Or sinks away
She once sailed
Her sails once soared
The merry
The cheerful
A crew of her conscience
Exhumed from her mind
And the joy
Built for a voyage
She followed the route
And yet the compass that pointed north
With a blink of her captain's eye
Slowly, ever slowly
Tilted south
Promised riches
Promised hope
She was doomed by a word
As the coast came closer
He who was her sea
Beacons as his salted scent
Gets carried away
She cant see the coast
Like the flameless lighthouse
Your heart is dim
Like the captain at the bottom of the ocean
As the sea reaches out
And grasp a new boat
She will no longer be seen

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