Chasing a Butterfly

Have you ever tried to chase a butterfly?
It refuses to be caught!
No matter what you may try,
It just will not!
You can get close to a touch,
Your fingers just starting to reach out
Then off it goes in a rush,
It's wings fluttering about.
You watch where it lands,
So you may try once more,
Very still it stands,
Slowly you reach out for,
Then with a start off it goes!
Fluttering into the breeze
Why this happens nobody knows!
You just can't catch a butterfly with ease.
Then you lie on the grass,
Feeling a but peeved,
The butterfly makes a pass,
Then lands on your sleeve.
I guess it comes when it's prepared,
This is why,
Happiness can be compared,
To the ever so particular butterfly.

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