Chasing an Illusion

To be in love with the ways of this world many will have missed truth's point,
when not in accordance with reality it's like Our bones when out of joint.
The truth will feed the destitute and All souls that are weary and tired,
to love and honor the Lord is what Our hearts have truly admired.
This world may dwell in turmoil but it's no excuse for Us to lose heart,
Our confidence remains in Jah with true faith Our way He will chart.
in the thangs of Man is emptiness also many lie's and deceit,
If You trust in these thangs of Man it will only brang about Your own defeat.
We must shun all of satan's false idols for they're only here to lead astray,
they will seem like strength and shelter But will Be absent on deliverance day.
Today a great many are seeking a savior by searching in All uncleanness,
The truth comes to reveal this and any wrongs truth's not afraid to address.
to lust after the material has converted many simply into worldly slaves,
When We will find more prosperity if in Jah's truth We would crave.
The thangs of the world won't last But the hand of the Lord will,
None should be hasty when asking of the Lord We need patience and to Be still.
Jah' word is not confined by any boundaries it's free and forever universal,
Though the Lord does have to punish He's always forgiving and forever merciful.
After carefully searching this world's ways We have reached a final conclusion.
Not many are in tune with the Most High with satan they're Chasing an Illusion! Amen

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