Chasing Away My Ghosts

The world's a dream and I've yet to sleep,
reliving flashbacks from the future's retreat.
Encompassing their daze, while my foggy eyes trace
a lantern through the maze, solace from the modern plague.

Distilled away from I, preserving poisoned lives,
illusions are all they find
sinking deep from coma nights.

Surer than death, with a bond to mend
Resurrecting breath, fading curses from men
Fading like forgotten statues. Vital elation mending Sinews.
From lost stars to aesthetic revelation.
Lost empires and eternal stagnation.

A break in the veil, encoded constellations shaking hell.
Swaying the hieroglyphs on your sail
The sea remains untamed to dwell

Love spins us to eternity
Nothing else can you hold
A life to find forgotten isn't worth having at all.
The cure for every scar. From self-immulation, to constraint
Only the heart rewrites your soul better than once it came.

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