Chasing Possibility

There is a place, like no other.
Where positivity reigns, and conflicts shrink.
Where imagination is essential, and there is time to think.
To think about possibilities, of a life that could be
And dream of the "impossible," which is non-existent, you see.
So, where is this place? Well, don't we all know?
It is not left or right, or up or down, but back.
Back. back. back.
Many years ago, when positivity was a reigning queen,
And there was so much to know.
When all we wanted to do was
Grow, grow, grow.
But now we know--
It's not that great, though..
All the possibilities and dreams of a life that could be,
Seemed to escape, and be "set free"..
We see them as "impossible" now, like there is nothing we can do:
The decision is out of our hands,
Oh, if only we knew.
That all that growing and knowing we could not wait to get done,
Is now holding us back from shining as bright as the sun.
It kept us from realizing, although it's tough,
Settling for ordinary should never be enough!
Chase possibility!
And you will find,
All the hopes and dreams you had left behind.

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