Chasing Rainbows

There is an old saying
About how all rainbows have big pots filled with gold at the end
I have seen so many rainbows in my lifetime
Too many to count
But for each of these boys
A lucky girl has already been destined to find their pots of gold
Not me
Will I ever meet an untouched rainbow?
Will I ever get near his pot of gold?
It seems that the more I t1ry to get close
The more faint the rainbow becomes
Always fading away
Never would a rainbow let me see his true colours
Nor would he let me be more than just a leprechaun
Guarding the heart, but just a friend
I will always be waiting
For the boy who comes to me in the pouring rain
And makes my world bright again
And tells me I will always have his heart
But for now it's just me

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