Chasing Shadows

Two boys brutally fight in the middle of a quiet street
A woman in a flower dress drops her groceries and tries to break them up
Her sweet baby cries and she covers him with her arms

At 2:24am a little boy strikes a woman's lover
A firestorm breaks out in the two-story home
His home burns and the sound of sirens shiver in the air
The little boy crawls through a window and is welcomed by the badman

The little boy doesn't want to be alone with the him
He stands to fight
The badman laughs and says

Run run little boy
You can't fight shadows
I am the badman and
If you stay you will sit in my throne

The boy does what he is told
No shoes are on his feet
and he runs down an empty street

He closes his eyes and imagines Christmas with family
He struggles to remember their faces
He runs harder and concentrates on the rhythmic noise his feet make

The little boy sees Black eyes and bruises chased by shadows
The boy follows down a darkened alley and tells the shadows he is chasing dreams
They cover the boy with a filthy blanket and return him home

Days go by an by
His eyes no longer see colors
Black and blue and gray
Like viewing children at play through an empty bottle
Like looking and not seeing the broken toys
Hearing and not listening to the little boy with a missing tooth
Waving a hand goodbye like everything is fine

He doesn't want to be a badman like him
He doesn't run to hide from your goodness
He runs to hide the tears pooling in his blanket and
He learns to late running is no good when you're blanket is on fire

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