Chasing that high

Drugs are like a dark demon lurking around in it's many deadly forms.
Waiting to catch you slipping,
So it can creep in and steal your soul.
Now, no longer human, no longer will you feel whole. For the drug now has you in it's grasp, the drug is now in control.

The depths you will go to get it, that fix is something you could never see yourself chasing. But, no you must do it, to simply keep yourself going or suffer becoming dope sick.

Children losing their parents, others losing a husband or wife. Now you are an addict, hooked. By this dark, and powerful demon you allowed to to creep in. No longer yourself, no longer do you feel alive.

Searching for your way back home, a way back to the life you once had. Not a chance the demon says laughing. For now I own you, for I am now your everything, your lover, your only friend. Despite the battle you fight, your the one who invented this demon in. It laughs at you, controls your every move, now you are an addict hopeless,pathetic, so sad.

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