Chasing The Wind

While you’re busy chasing the wind, I’m chasing little laughs and little footsteps.
While you’re busy chasing another thrill, another person to temporarily lay with, I’m chasing little pig tails and little smiles.
While you’re busy chasing another woman to spend pointless money on, I’m chasing that little cheesy grin on Christmas morning.
While you’re busy texting, calling and pursuing another temporary fix, I’m busy getting goodnight cuddles and sloppy little kisses.
While you’re trying to fill a void that cannot be filled with lies and hurt, I’m holding the whole world in my arms.
While you sit and miss the children you’ve left in broken homes and in shambles, I’m holding a tiny little hand, on a non stop adventure full of laughter and love.
While you’re breaking another heart, I’m mending mine with the love of the baby that you gave me.
While you’re chasing the wind of empty promises and broken dreams, I’m going to be chasing the bright and beautiful smile of the daughter that you so easily let go.
While you continue to live a lie, an empty, broken and pathetic life, I’ll be busy chasing the wind of my beautiful daughter that you get to miss out on.
All the sleepy little smiles.
All the naps on my chest.
All the splashing during bath time.
All the laughs when I chase her.
All the cuddles when I have a bad day.
All the new words she will learn.
All the things she’s learning everyday.
All the new things she does and says.
All the excitement when she sees her milkies.
All the funny faces.
All the random kisses just because she’s in a good mood.
All the grabbing of my hand just to hold it while we walk outside to play.
So while you’re chasing the wind of your next fix, I’ll be chasing my happily ever after with angel on eart

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