I'm free but I'm trapped
The good and bad are now overlapped
My poetry is my only exposure
This pain yearns for closure
Through writings and songs
I free all my wrongs
Bah bah black sheep
The judgment I face is too deep
There was a time I thought I had something to prove
So I played life strategizing every chess move
Realizing you opinion stood behind mine
I motivated my queen forward disposing of your first pawn
A different design now drawn
Booting 7 more pawns, 2 knights, 2 bishops and rooks
I learn life isn't all about books
What's the matter? You look a little shook
Are you afraid I might see you as a crook?
My accomplishments and discoveries seem to have given you a new look
Final move my queen rests beside your king
This challenge is nice I can almost hear birds sing
I contemplate my last move can't force it nor forfeit
Right on time check mate

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