Cheerio University


O department, where should I go without you?
There are signs of our footsteps on your roads.
Since the beginning, our destination was radiant.
The dust of our memories is in your rooms.
The story of our love is recorded on your walls.
The sighs and cries of your separation echo everywhere.
Our habits are fragrant in your library.
Our mischievous acts on your stairs.
The dust smells from you.
Everywhere we go
Leaving you with the hope of meeting.
False truth whatever you did, you kept the promise.
In your eyes neither we are good nor bad
But still, you will be our last shelter
For you, I have remained a thing to come and go.
You are our second mother for us.
The dreams were decorated in the eyes here.
If we are separated, this lonely sky may cry.
We came here for the reasons of art.
Fools like us had forgotten this.
Made everyone crazy and reached the destination
What sort of game have you played with us o beloved?
Our hard work irrigated your every moment.
You have made us desolate, O guardian.
How did I tell you the story of my heart?
Your garden screamed after hearing all this.
O beloved world, you also think once.
Why did you shred our collars?

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    This Poems Story

    This is about the separation of a pupil from her institute after graduating.