Cheers To Success

It's a lovely feeling to feel like this.
A heart full of love& a life full of bliss.
Young girls be patient& don't start to wine.
Because a love like this takes some time.
With steps to success you will soon get yours.
Just remember to never waste your time on whores.
Maintain infinite self-respect& a dash of humble.
&don't forget, no matter what, sometimes you'll stumble.
But it's when you decide to stand up that counts.
You must have a pure mind& clear out all your doubts.
Because no one can stop you once minds made clear.
Make adult decisions& your path will appear.
Sometimes you can't help others, you must worry about yourself.
Ensure your own happiness, prosperity& wealth.
I'm not saying forget your friends, because that a no-go.
If anything just give yourself some times to lay low.
Get your thoughts straight& your goals on the table.
No one in this world was set-up to be unstable.
It's all up to you& your state of mind.
&if you get it all in line you'll be just fine.
You have plenty of time to shine&
toast this wine in thanks to this divine lifetime.
Cheers to success.

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