Cheers To The Years

This chair is my body, soul and spirit
The chair has become me
Because I have possessed it
By stealing it from the institutional authority
Having a sense of justification
In the innocence of my deviousness
Each time I sat on this chair
I connected with class discussions
I gained sight of the desk’s beyond
I overcame the exercise, but wasn’t caught
I crossed the professor’s boundaries, but wasn’t caught
Only my papers were often caught
Each time I sat on this chair
I saw Tom and Jerry
Jerry was stealing cheese from the professor’s fridge
The fridge refracted by his projector
My colleagues were different cats
The professor was Tom’s owner
I was the only mouse
Intruding on the cat-owner’s sleepy subjects
More slippery than Cinder’s slippers
Jerry was the chair that never got caught
My Father is worried
My mother is teary
My siblings are being danced around by mixed feelings
I am at peace
My bed sheet is blue, but soaked in red
As my womanhood fights with her last strength
My sheet is heaven-colored
There’s a stain in my poo, the color of hellfire
I believe not in purgatory
My fate, for freedom forever fights
Still, I am at peace
Because I have sent my soul to my chair
I have instructed my body to mourn my chair
I have persuaded my spirit to cheer my chair
And as my heart, into the casket, goes
It shall rejoice with my chair
For my chair would be my proxy
My intercessor in what I called my earthly heaven
My chair would steal cheese for me
My chair would penetrate the soul of the cat-owner’s knowledge
My chair would shine for me, picking up the sparkles I found so hard to draw
Though my heaven-wise fate is undeclared,
In my earthly heaven, my chair would set me free…

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This Poems Story

The poetic personae is dying, but her school chair is her monumental souvenir to the earth. This poem is owned by the Author of "I Call My Sexuality My God: My Shampoo and My Watermelon Juice"; Victoria Ifeolu.