Cheers to Them

This is the story of workers that work late night shifts, early morning shifts with little pay making the ones who sign their paychecks work the same number of hours with little pay that will barely feed their families.
They get to struggle, be homeless, carless, jobless, go weeks or months without electricity or even hot water.
They get to struggle to keep their heads above the water.
They get to struggle to stop themselves from drowning like minimum wage workers do every day.
like their families do everyday
This is the story of workers who work at a job for years and never get a raise.
And fight to make ends meet.
Making those who are the bosses work a job for years and still be in the same place they were 5 years ago.
10 years ago
This is them getting a taste of their own medicine.
This is them finally getting what they deserve.
What they've earned
This is them not being able to afford trips.
Not being able to give their kid that pair of shoes or that expensive game they've been begging for
This is them living paycheck by paycheck
This is them not being able to pay their rent because the prices are too high and they don’t make enough to afford it
This is them stressing out trying to pay for the damages for their car because in the neighborhood they live in people steal cars
This is them not being able to pay their credit card bill or pay for tickets on their car
This is them wondering what the hell they did to deserve this bad luck
Wondering why their life is like this
Wondering how they will survive next day
What they don’t know is that minimum wage workers wonder the same things everyday
But clearly, they don´t care because if they did, I wouldn't be writing this
So, Cheers them struggle the way minimum wage workers do everyday
Cheers to them knowing how it feels to walk a day in their shoes
Years in their shoes
Cheers to making their lives as miserable as they did theirs
Here's to them needing child support, relying on link, needing low-income housing, and needing messed up used cars sold by shady men
Here's to a lifetime of karma
A lifetime of problems after problems
Here's to the power being in the minimum wage workers hands and them being at their mercy
Cheers To Them

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