Chemical Well In

He's just another friend of mine, within my circle of friends.
He's just another way to cope; I have a lot of these friends.
But this particular one is my favorite of them all.
Well became in me; How the hell isn't it in him?
I didn't do it your way.
I had to do it my way.

That favorite circle of mine fell onto a platform.
I used our glass house to crush him into pieces.
Of course my favorite cure is the hardest of all of my friends.
He's listening and I am finally speaking.

I shaped him like the curve on my waist.
I was a dream and my hands weren't even shaking.
He was shaking and he wasn't even alive in this story.

I breathed him in two intervals.
The sun was shining inside me and I developed a sunburn.
The sun began to shape me and I developed a sunburn.

I spit on our glass house and rubbed my fingers over the roof.
My waste is what cured our ruler.

It was all chemicals, as it has always been.
Now balance is in our blood and in our home.
Goodnight couple, Goodbye Sarah.

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