Black winged and blue eyed,
she is the coaxing of my steady lullaby.
A heart's a heavy burden, and she makes it feel like stone,
but it weighs my hollow chest the most when I am alone.
And when I reach for her face in my dreams,
it's always further than it seems.
She's gone with a whisper and sets with the sun,
I spring up for some air and feel my heart undone.
She's the space between the lines and the smell of the summer wind,
she's the color of those soft daisies and all the places I have been.
She's an inch away from me but she is light years away,
and all those footsteps we took have faded and decayed...
That dirt hill we used to stand on is now covered in grass,
with all my memories laid out and put in contrast.
She is the material of my thoughts, my brain in reverse,
the blood in my veins, my heavy heart about to burst.
She is the breeze that passes through my skin and bone,
her voice and gentle laughter is all I've ever known.
She is the place where my senses collide,
where she pushes and pulls at me like the rising tide.
Those hummingbirds in her hair, the rhythm of her heartbeat,
she is indeed the flower that grew through the concrete.
I can't weave her out of my thoughts, like a vision without a blur,
White winged and eyes of every color,
I will always remember her.

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