Cherish the Crayon Marks

Cherish the crayon marks left on the wall,
The paints and papers all through the hall.
Don't try to clean them, no, not at all;
The fingers that drew them were so very small.
Little hands, little feet,
Blonde curls, oh so sweet.
She holds your hand to go out and play;
Skinned knees and boo boos are norm for the day.
Playdates and swings will be part of the past;
You want them to stay little, but that won't last.
There'll be dances and proms, but no more toys;
She's growing up now and looking at boys.
Before you know it, she'll say she's in love
And finds that white gown that fits like a glove.
She walks down the aisle with beauty and grace;
You can see the love all over her face.
Your heart swells with pride, but you must know
It's time now, for you to let go.
And when the time comes for her greatest joy,
It may be a girl or it may be a boy.
I hope you tell her as I have told you:
Time goes so fast, it honestly flew.
And if you need help, just give me a call
But please, cherish the crayon marks left on the wall.

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