Cherish the Moment: Sorry

Sometimes we say things we don't mean.
We get heated when we’re in the moment,
and after it’s all said and done
and we've won,
you get some time to think about what you've done.
And you start to say “what have I done?”
You start to feel regret
and you go and try to fix the problem with a simple “sorry”.
But it can't erase
the expression you had on your face,
which made them tremble inside
and made them feel so surprised that you would say such things.
And even though you said “sorry”,
in that moment you know you meant what you said.
So they run away
and the next time you see them is on their hospital bed,
the last word they say: “sorry”.
Leaving you, feeling confused.
Saying no I'm the one who's sorry,
but they don't get to hear it.
Now you feel so ashamed
and you only have yourself to blame.
So the moral of this story is to cherish each moment with the people you love.
‘Cause you never know
when it will be their time to go.

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