Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms
I've always wondered why the summer, had to flee so fast,
Why the sweet, luscious green gave way, to brittle, autumn grass.
Why the cherry blossoms, so pink and sweet, not nearly a week old,
Fell rotting from their branches, as the leaves of them turned gold.
Oh, the harsh, winter months,
Still so far away,
Have already begun to stop and stall,
The life we wished to stay.
If only we could grab, all the flowers in our palms,
To preserve them with our warmth.
If only we could hold, all their beauty in our hearts,
So that we would not forget.
But alas, the blossoms wither away,
As the birds fly forth, to flee the north,
And we forget their delicate images as the winter freezes our minds.
Why must the cold kidnap pulchritude?
But the answer arrives quickly, as Spring comes again,
And everything we behold, is more lovely than before.
Perhaps Mother Nature,
The mastermind that she is,
Is telling us that all things grow more beautiful in time.
And she sends the world a cherry blossom,
As a token of her knowledge,
A cherry blossom that shall fall, as she continues her old adage.

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