Your fallen knights wish to remain
Littered across my carpet
Sullied bishops
May finally meet their oblique descent
Scattered as if to indulge in the remnants of you
The silence of you
Fallen and drowning amongst the beige and brown
And most of all
The absence of you

If I could leave them there forever I would
If I could do this forever
I would
And I wonder if
Contrary to my flight
I would ever clasp your king again
Or let my heart remain in a chasm of your castle
Or act as though it is not far too late
To return to a state of prevention

And maybe I do not let myself love
But I let myself love you
And for this I apologize
Before you turn to memory
I must request
A rematch
Where I will stay guarded
My knights alert and all the more tenacious
I will not act as though the pawns scattered around my room do not linger in my psyche and pray for absolution
I will not act as though the six strings you have sung me to sleep with will cease to hold your memory
I will not act as though I do not love you
With everything I have
Despite my unwillingness to give
I waive the white flag
And beg to forget

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