They say life is like a game,
If you play it right you'll always win,
That is, if you're a queen, not a pawn, small and thin.
The knights and the bishops all stand together tall,
The kings and the queens, refusing to fall,
And one little pawn, alone on the wall.
But the thing no one knows, is me and the queen,
The queen and me,
it always comes back to the queen and me.
The queen and me, we are not free.
Just because she may be royalty, and I just a lonely pawn,
Doesn't mean she can't love me,
And over her I cannot fawn.
Yet never to tell the king, our lord.
He mustn't find out, not one day,
For I would be sent away.
I may seem alright for a pawn and queen,
But by others our love is not seen.
We are thought of as vile, and nothing more,
We are called out as criminals,
Not for feelings galore.
If the king ever knew of the queen and me,
Knights and swords would be the only thing I see.
I would be running for my life, for her,
My life, the queen.
Me and the queen, the queen and me.

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