Cheyenne Ashley Mills


It is hard to believe that a year has passed.
This world was to dark for your light to last.
A light much brighter than you ever knew.
Which warmed our hearts and made us love you.
You were there piece to my soul, the spark in my heart.
You were that bright glow in a world that is dark.
A world of shadows where everything is grey.
You were that rainbow that turned night into day.
So unique you stood out in a crowd.
Your personality screamed, here I am see me now!
It was to seen for you to go, too soon to say gone.
A year later the words still pour out like a sad song.
From a pain that struck deep, all the way to my core.
An unsettling realization you aren't here anymore.
But amidst such pains are the memories that play.
Making me feel like you are still here with me.
I often lose myself in thoughts of you.
You meant so much to so many, it is true.
And although you have left us behind.
Not a day shall pass that you do not cross our minds.
For it does not matter, whether near or apart
You will always live on in our hearts
Forever, no matter what I may do
I will never stop missing or loving you!

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