Locked up inside these four walls,
My voice echoing through the hall.
New born dreams shattered like glass,
This dreadful age may never pass.
The fresh morning breath of air,
Has turned into a mere nightmare.
Fear of never seeing the bright sunlight,
Crept even into the heart of the bravest knight.
Solitude could be the place,
That the whole world is searching in haze.
Cries of despair never seem to cease,
Will the world ever find serenity and peace?
A speck of light glowing in the dark,
Would erase the blood etched mark.
A new hope arising amidst the pain,
Another chance awaiting down the lane.
The melody of the mighty waves,
The beautiful path that life paves.
A song heard on the distant hill,
A bird chirping on the window sill.
It is not the end of the world,
The truth about life is being unfurled.
Never lose hope, no matter what,
‘Cause it is not impossible to untie the knot.

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