Childhood memories

Childhood Memories

I was born a son
of a military man.
out in the west
In the city of Cheyenne.

Were the cowboys roamed
on the open range
With the deer, elk, moose
and the mountains and the plains.

As a kid I would wear
my old cowboy boots
ten gallon hat, tin star
and plastic noose.

I would ride my stick horse
across the open range
had my six guns on
like old Jessie James.
go rob the bank or a long train.
and sit by the fire
and hoped it didn't rain.

But ain't it something
how fast time will pass
when you got know worries
and need know cash.

Then you wake up one day
and your old and grey
You just don't know
How the time slipped away.

So live life to the fullest
don't waste one day
before they put you in the ground
And it's all gone away.

M. Eden

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