Childhood Memories


Childhood Memories

Could I just have one chance to reverse time?
To the good childhood memories I never had
The golden memories of a child's life I apparently didn't deserve
How could you take that away from me?
Why do you hate me?
You are selfish
You are cold hearted and self-centered
I thought I was your world
My mistake
The chilled bottle of whiskey took my place
From waking up to the smell of alcohol
To crying and watching how you beat her
Yells came out from your disgraceful mouth
Not man enough to admit how wrong you were
You stood there begging for forgiveness
The man I was supposed to look up to
The man who should've played catch with me
The man who should've taken me to the park
Taught me how to fight
But most he should've been the man
Who taught his son how to be a gentleman
Unfortunately drugs and alcohol was your favorite hobby
How unfortunate it was when your wife was dying
She was very sick
And you
You didn't care
She was in chemotherapy while cooking food for her children
While you sat there snorting, drinking, and yelling
She was who you were supposed to be
She was my everything
Your choice was the two most poisonous drugs
You couldn't just let me have a normal childhood?
So here’s to the good childhood memories I never had

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