Push me to the side, to the side once again
Make me feel at home face down on the gravel
The pitter patter of the rain it laughs at me
I'm screaming at no one, i'm screaming at no one
i'm swallowing pollution, i'm inhaling the rain
Kissing silhouettes of such fragile faces
You're up in the trees, i'm six feet under
We let hope dwindle, a string unraveled
We were embedded somewhere in-between
Carried by the wind we flew away
We were kites, veins as strings we held on tight
Somewhere we reached a clot
We bled out, we bled out
Passed by judgement clouds
I ignored them all the same
Planes crashing into my feet
I felt nothing
I caught a star for you
And it imploded in my hands
I felt the sting cling onto me
Familiar feelings

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