Children of the Capricorn

Written Thoughts
A Capricorn his children I would have born.
Despite in laws that would prick as a thorn.
The jealous type as a devil with horns.
Never to be a sacred union I would mourn.
My heart in half is what was torn.
A wedding dress for me will never be worn.
By men I guess I am just not adorn.
My spirit falls like a ripe acorn.
Don't know what rhymes with Trevor.
Other them today, tomorrow,& forever.
Perhaps his octomom complex of wanting to have four kids is not clever.
Who is willing to.... his girlfriend.
So he says we should just be friends.
To have another baby with a lover.
Not to be married first I say never.
Even if it was with Trevor.
Would he break up with his girlfriend ever?
A mutual attraction would conquer.
My heart is filled with love that is pure.
His desire I had once before stirred.
Money or nudity doesn't work as a lure.
For him to choose me over her.
Sex & marriage with me would he concur?
His past with her would become a blur
To resume a life with me as they were.
For his happiness I would be the cure.
As a husband I know he would be better.
Casting a love spell couldn't deliver.
I have no power to control the weather.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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