I squeeze you until there is nothing left
No light, no fire, no literacy, no freedom
You’re a monster of reason sucking at the lips of lust
As I fall into the cavern that is who you thought you were

You have never amounted to anything
Sitting ramrod straight at a desk staring wide-eyed at the foyer where
Life is unfolding in hues of black and white and gray
But you are color. Color is you
Changing your face, your body to fit the needs of everyone who is not you
A chimera of spite, of facelessness

The trees are squandered and spent panting leaves onto the pavement
And I am writing a poem because they remind me of you
The grasping helplessness of concrete and nature
These are the words that you lost

And so I squeeze you until you are yourself
Bits of lies and love die like the braches in winter and you smile
You smile because you can’t stand that you are nothing.
Then it fades away like the dew from flowers that the spiders swallowed
The bits of you forcing themselves out at the seams and I realize
I hate you

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