Chit Chat

By Alexis   

When you have nothing but time
To explore the deeper crevices of your mind..
You'll be amazed on what you may find.
Just make sure you take your time.
God always has a purpose and a reason for what we go thru and why we are experiencing it.
Even though time is of the essence,
God never fails to make his presence... known.
He will snatch you from everyone and everything you know
Just to get that attention from you that he will also reclaim as his own.
He will show you your perfections and imperfections.
Punish you to teach you life long lessons.
God would fight the battle for you, so you don't have to be worrying and stressing.
He would drive you on straight paths and into crowded intersections.
Just to teach a lesson.
A lesson that life doesn't go how you want it too.
Sometimes people are only here for seasons which usually ends up in a lesson learned or two.
God has a funny way of doing things. Don't you think?
Just when you think you have it all together, down packed and ready to go.
If it's not apart of his plan, no matter how hard you try. It just won't go.
Stop trying to open doors that God already closed.
Apparently it's a path behind that door that we are not suppose to know.
It felt to be able to talk and be completely heard all the way thru.
To know that if no one else listens, believes or trusts me, God, it's you.
I thank you.
Thank you God for that one on one time.
You gave me alot to process and you helped me clear my heart and mind.
You let me lay my head on your lap and cry my pain to you every time.
With no judgments...
Just understanding and love...
So I thank you for listening God.
Those talks we've had over the past couple days have been all love.

- love, Your daughter 👑

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