There's just something about finding the groove
That moment when I can no longer ignore her
Pen in hand, scribbling down notes
To decode while I'm in my corner
"Hurry," she says, "Please hurry,"
She won't be quieted until I'm done
So I submit to her power, and lose myself
I set the mood
With a glass of wine
Close my eyes to clear my mind
And listen while Chloe tells me what to do
Her excitement can't be contained
It's hard for me to keep up
So I jot down notes while she barks demands
To decode while I'm in my corner
Chloe expects respect
So I quickly clear out a space
When she starts speaking
You can't deny her power
It's hypnotic, the way she reels me in
She the TRUE poetess, you know
I just copy what she says
Because you can't stop when Chloe has something to say
So I listen carefully while she paints the picture for me
Finding my groove in my corner...

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