At one point I wanted it
But now I don't
Because something I wanted so bad
Is what hurt me the most
I have no regrets
Because I got what I wanted
And I took it as a lesson
And decided to learn from it
I'm so very spoiled
So determined to get my way
I guess it's my fault
I asked for it in a way
You left a permanent scar
Just like a tattoo
I hate feeling like this
But I love feeling you
I'm immune to the pain
This is nothing but a game
Although our strategies changed
Things still remain the same
Watch me become a ghost
Right in front of your face
My love is one of a kind
So I'll be hard to replace
And since it's finally over
I'm in a better mental space

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I started writing poetry in middle school and as I matured, so did my writing. I published my first book in August of 2013 and it consisted of twenty-five short poems. The book is available on and can be found by searching: Karma Reese Marie. Reese Marie is my writing name because I was teased as a kid about Theresa, and my middle name is Marie. I'm also very proud to say I'm a domestic violence survivor, which makes me living proof that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!