I am from laughter
Waking up early morning to go listen to my Pastor
Coming back to my one and only HOME
It was the type of neighborhood where every front lawn had a gnome
I am from LOVE
Something no one ever gets tired of
Being carried down the stairs in my mom’s arms
To be laid on a couch to watch some family live on farms
Barbecue parties with hot dogs and a pool
Man, life was so much better back in elementary school
Fells like I never had a worry as a child
And then it happened the divorce papers were filed
I am from HURT
I never wanted to wear a skirt
Screaming is all you hear in the middle of the night
Maybe if I shut my eyes and close them real tight
Everything will be gone
But I open them back up
Because something is always better than nothing
And I still had a whole lot

Sure, now my parents are divorced
But it is much better than a love that is being forced
Even though their love failed
Something divine came out of it
I can’t even throw a fit
And that something is ME
Been so dope since I learned my ABC’s

I am from music
It is my stress reliever
Close my eyes and let it take away the fever
Open them and its 3am and can’t stop thinking about you
Ever since you did me wrong every thought of you is blue
Screw this I am not about to cry over you
Instead I am going to turn on the TV and watch some HULU
But honestly, I do not even cry when I am sad
I cry when I am mad
Fists tightened with fury
Punching in three’s like Steve Curry
Except punching not throwing

But don’t get me wrong I am outgoing
Which is not a very good trait for school
Every time I have tried to talk my teacher says SHHHH you sound like a fool
So, I sat in silence and did as I was told
AHHH just kidding I can never be controlled
I think you shouldn’t spend time on things you don’t like doing
Find what you love and spend time pursuing
For me my dream is leaving this earth satisfied with my choices
Even if I have to ignore all these VOICES

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