the rope in which we all hang by is made of three strands
hope, love, and happiness and when all of these strands come
they have the ability to create a noose. a noose in which grows
and tighter until you're pushed off the cliff to be left hanging
by only
hope but realize someone will be at the bottom to catch you before
you hit the bottom. falling off the end is selfish because there
always be a person to catch you at the ground even when its not
the person you would first expect. we as human
s not only have the ability to hurt ourselves, but we have the
indefinite ability to hurt others. the gun in which we all carry
is a weapon of mass destruction and the bullet of words has
the ability to peirce the thickest of skins. the pistol of hate
which fires the bullet is thoughtfully created and manipulated
to fire a single shot to bring down those who oppose us. but
not every one needs these things to better themselves, because
everyone has the power to breed there own thoughts, there own
inspiration, and has the power to change there own life for the
better. the choice is yours don't wait and be naive to the world
around you. use what you know to help you better the person
who you really are.

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