The choices I made affected it all.

I breathe in air, hoping tears won’t slip down my face and
Sink into the bathroom stalls.
But your poison stung my heart, which made
Me helplessly fall.

It made me question the mask you wore, were you
yourself at all?
I know now you are what you say you won’t be, and
It shatters me completely.
All those nights you said you loved me, but somewhere along
the lines it was just a dream.
You said, “goodbye” repeatedly, but stated you really miss
the term “we”.
Are we meant to be? Or is this some fairytale only I can see?

My heart says yes, but I say no.
My mind can’t seem to let you go.
The choice was mine, “just go with the flow.”
My heart sinks in, but I just smile and say, “go.”
But as you walk out the door, I whisper, “no.”
Like a bullet to my chest, your words I couldn’t forget.
But there isn’t any moment I’d regret.
No matter how much I try I can’t seem to forget.

Forget that we had ever met.

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