Alone stuck in my mind
Screaming for help
No one can hear me
The voices of society yelling at me
You’re stupid!
You aren’t pretty!
No one will ever like you!
Lose weight!
This is all I can hear
A never ending track of negativity going through my head
Why does it hurt so much to hear what society has to say?
Negativity the soundtrack of my life
A little light tries to creep in
I reject it
Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?
I see it!
I see it!
No, it’s gone again!
I turn to see if it’s behind me
Nothing but black surrounds me
I close my eyes
Now a light shines
What or who could it be?
My mom?
My dad?
My best friend?
It was none of these
It was me
Small tiny me
All cute and innocent
A girl who never cared what society had to say
A girl who played with the boys
A girl who went against all of societies standards
Oh what it’s like to be little again
I open my eyes
Suddenly the darkness is back
I must choose
Which me do I want to be

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