Chosen Lore

By Carla   

To allude or not to allude,
Question the intention.
Is it only to sow the seed
Of the poet’s pain to get redemption?

Or is it something more?
How does a poem become
A portion in the book that is the core
Of literary history ruminated
And passed down to ease the roar
Of generations seeking to culminate
The how’s and when’s of our chosen lore?

What we choose to read and write,
Will be pondered and rationalized
Even where there is no fight
To cheer on, but instead raw emotions materialized.

Will they see the allusions?
Will they say it’s beyond comprehension?

Poe’s lover took many names.
Do we really see her through his love?
Do we really see his raven as a dove?

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    This Poems Story

    I am asking what poetry will be passed down to future generations? Will it be poems of raw emotions or poems filled with literary elements?