Christmas Glance

We met on a cold day. While I was sitting in church
listening to the pastor's sermon.

I thought I saw him looking my way.
He was tall and handsome with a with
a exquisite style I couldn't help staring at him
He smiled at me and I was compelled to
return with a big smile. As he approached me,
I felt nervous and my hands were quivering.

Suddenly, he opened the door for me. Replying, please
allow me! I waited anxiously for him to open the door
I desired a longer conversation with him
but I could not find the right words to say.

I wanted to get to know him better but shyness
prevailed. He walked up to me and introduced himself
He politely touched my hand and stated;
Your'e beautiful When can I see you again?
I was surprised to know that he had noticed me
so I smiled and again. I silently prayed that
he would never let go of my hand.

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