Christmas Meal

Christmas Meal
They sat alone on their porch this Christmas Eve
Wondering and hungry, a childless old couple
Coming Christmas day offered just another day's trouble

A hunter soon wandered by
With a hare that afternoon he'd snared
The old couple invited him in
At the old couple, the hunter quizzically stared

He saw their pot of old mustard greens
Now down to its last bites
And saw a few crusts of corn bread nearby
On their old stove, providing both heat and light

Said he was out hunting for sport
Saw their dim light over the hill
Said he never hunted for food
Said he hunted just for the thrill

Said he didn't want to assume their need
Said he'd lost his folks in last winter's chill
Said if they didn't mind, if they'd be so kind
To let him give them his hare for their Christmas meal

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