Christmas Truth

A merry joy in the air
A fine Christmas mist in my hair
Snow drifted down from heaven to earth
Fragile Christmas oh Frigid Christmas birth
Shoppers crowd their favorite small stores
While kids do there Christmas chores
Dreaming of Saint Nick and his gifts
And the kids' spirits he lifts
What if Santa doesn't touch the ground
The truth of Christmas will be found
The story of the truth or Saint Nick
Which story do you pick
I tell the true story
It's not fake like Dory
There was a baby born in a manager.
This baby isn't a stranger.
He was born to Mary
Who had Jesus to carry
In her womb for many miles
In the future, Jesus would face many trials
God had a plan put out
And Jesus didn't pout
He was quiet, lovable, sinless, and calm
But the mob drove nails to each palm
He died so a path to heaven would be open
And for a day that we'd be hopin
He'd come back to Earth
To claim that his birth
Was real in every way
That we celebrate today
This is the truth behind the tree
This is a gift not meant to let it be
Open your heart, soul, and mind
And reside a prayer you'll find
In this poem
Show him
You want to go where he is
For where hope is
Say this prayer
Forget politics and the mayor
Say" God I want to be saved
And see the golden streets paved
To see you and not suffer in hell
I want to lovingly dwell
In your word and name
And not be of any shame
Come into my heart this very day
Thank you for the price that you pay
Thank you for loving me so
Now the true story I know"

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