Chronicles of a Lioness in The Concrete Jungle ©️: Gravitational Pull

I thought to be at a safe distance,How foolish to think so,
My God,I mean My Lord,I mean My King,
Well not yet but in visions seen,
See the hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention when I sight the.
Lip biting,Spine curling,Knees buckling
Good God Almighty!
Black King excuse me if you catch me star gazing the energy of you is quite amazing
I hope my eyes don't give me away but at the same time I wish they pull you my way.
If not I'll jus keep peeking from this spot.
Is it hot in here or just to many turns around in my head
Here you come this way && here we go again
Grab my hand,Caress my arm,Push me against this wall or something
I'm yearning to reach your surface & dive in
Seems I only come to see the I but I'm stalling.Taking you all in.
Demeanor real mean ,Stance scream please
Hands look like they can hold somethings
How many circles do I have to dance before you advance
Or do I have to get up close & personal
I could be your moon or star or a permanent settlement
Could take it as far as your willing it,
Whatever it is I'm feeling it's gravity pulling me in.
Capture every moment before it even begins.
Even if it's a black hole I'm wondering in that only time can tell,
Long as your there I'm good I don't even care.
Just give into this Gravitational Pull.....
I'll meet you out there..

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