Chronicles of a Lioness in The Concrete Jungle ©️: Signed Sealed Delivered

Signed sealed delivered

This is my submission letter of the will power bestowed upon me.
I choose to see where this road would lead.
I'm curious to see yo screwed face in the rising of the sun as I tell you breakfast is allready done.I come w/ palms facing the sun.
Take me,Hold me,Teach me
So days you are weary I am there as your strength willingly.Do you hear the bells in our gatherings of silence,Unexplainable feels words escaping.Can only seem to say "this can't be no fairytale,are you truly mine for the taking?".Real life I want to specialize in you.Morning noon && night don't want to be a wife let's do life instead.
I'm not trying get into your head.
I want to be held by yur heart as it beats serenades of me.Natural mystic love is.
Not saying that I love you but I feel it.
I just need you to wrap your arms around me like you do.Hold that for a few.
As I inhale your day from the sweat on your skin & you take the pressures away from mine.Type thing.
I am your spine you are my God head.
Type thing.
Higher heights
broad things
One call things
I just want to be the one who catches you when yuh falling.
I can tell you had some long days.
I Kno what you need.
Me as I need you.
This is my submission letter to a Kingman.
My lion your pride has come.
Signed sealed delivered.

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